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"There's an old saying in politics about 'knowing where the bones are buried.' Lamar knows that in Louisiana, sometimes the bones are buried and sometimes they're above ground. We need folks like him to hold our politics and our politicians accountable." - James Carville

“Research is the most critical component of any campaign.  If you are running for political office, leading a public affairs campaign, or just trying to learn how to be more effective on a particular issue, it starts with the building block of investigative research.  Lamar White has shown that with dogged research skills, colorful writing, and a keen ability to sniff out nuggets of truth, you can be quite an effective operative.”

– Bradley Beychok, Louisiana born Political Operative and President Media Matters for America

Our mission is simple: We seek to make legislators, elected officials, and candidates better and more informed communicators.

Policy Research:

We offer a range in-depth research services for elected officials, government agencies, municipalities, and candidates.

We can supply customizable and targeted research on policy issues. Pricing is negotiable and depends on the scope of the project and the complexity of the issue.

Candidate and Opposition Research:

Each election is different, and no two candidates are ever alike.

Imagine Louisiana can provide comprehensive candidate and opposition research for elections both big and small. This includes but is not limited to research on voting records, campaign finance reports, business reports and filings, personal testimonials and interviews, and tracking services.

Campaign Communications Management:

We also offer candidates hands-on communications advice throughout the course of the campaign.

We are not a one-stop-shop, but our services can be invaluably helpful for campaigns struggling to determine their message and can easily complement our colleagues who work in advertising and television and radio production.

Other Services for Individuals, Non-Profit Organizations, Government Agencies, Municipalities, and Grassroots Activists: 

We offer a range of services, from basic training on letter writing, speechwriting, and public speaking to advanced, technical training on researching and analyzing public records, such as campaign finance reports, financial disclosure statements, and the most effective ways to identify potential conflicts of interest.

Imagine Louisiana also offers lessons in filing and precisely writing public records requests, which are critical to ensuring a free and transparent democracy and are far too underutilized.

We offer all of these services to organizations and individuals who hope to better understand the ways in which they may use the tools at their disposal to expose corruption and hold government accountable.

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INSPIRE. INFORM. IMAGINE. “A Louisiana politician can’t afford to let his animosities carry him away, and still less his principles, although there is seldom difficulty in that department.” – A.J. Liebling, The Earl of Louisiana, 1961 **** We are Louisiana’s only full-service firm exclusively specializing in policy, candidate, opposition, and political research; messaging; content development, and… Read More

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One of our very first projects at Imagine Louisiana will be to recruit three students currently enrolled in a Louisiana public college or university and assist them in creating, drafting, and editing a research paper presenting their own original and pragmatic ideas on the ways in which lawmakers can protect and improve our imperiled system… Read More

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“There’s an old saying in politics about ‘knowing where the bones are buried.’ Lamar knows that in Louisiana, sometimes the bones are buried and sometimes they’re above ground. We need folks like him to hold our politics and our politicians accountable.”
– James Carville

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FOR MORE THAN A DECADE, I have published CenLamar, a popular website that traffics on and relishes in the surreality of Louisiana politics.  During those ten years, I have feuded with a former klansman, interviewed Governors and U.S. Senators, become unlikely friends with staunch Republicans and upset more than a couple of my fellow Democrats. I’ve broken… Read More

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