Imagine Louisiana is brand spankin’ new, built on a shoe-string budget and financed entirely by two recent law school graduates who were both willing to take a risk on an idea in which we both passionately believe: The power of information.

Before we can offer any full-time jobs, we welcome help from qualified, enthusiastic, intelligent, and passionate people who are willing, at least in the short term, to take the same chance we are taking: To work for free, to join us, early on, and help demonstrate why policy research is so critically important.

Imagine Louisiana believes that the state’s future depends entirely on its ability to empower young people and provide them with the platform and the audience to share their beliefs, their expertise, and their talents. We hope to offer some of the state’s most talented, most passionate, and most intelligent young professionals with the opportunity to contribute to policy research that will inform and guide our lawmakers and ensure our candidates are fully equipped with the knowledge they require to champion the changes our state deserves and demands.


To that end, if you are interested in any of the following unpaid internship positions, please send a cover letter and your resume to

Depending on the position, you may also want to attach samples of your work or a portfolio.

Client Recruiter: Technically, as of now, this is the only available position that offers the opportunity to earn some extra cash. We are seeking qualified applicants with the ability to sell our services to clients. In exchange, Imagine Louisiana will provide a commission (to be negotiated based on the size and scope of the project). Client recruiters should have strong communication skills, a professional work ethic, and campaign experience. Letters of recommendation are highly preferred, and candidates must have a bachelors degree from an accredited college or university.

Graphic Designer: We want our products to be snazzy, intuitive, and impressive. Eventually, we anticipate hiring this position on a contract basis. Candidates should be experienced with web design, PowerPoint, and video editing. They must also possess the ability to translate raw data into eye-popping infographics and charts. Because this is an unpaid internship, at least for now, the graphic designer will be encouraged to publish their name and contact information on all of the content produced. Graphic designer applicants are not required to have a college degree; however, they should send a portfolio of their work along with a copy of their resume.

Policy Scholar (governmental budgeting and economics): We are seeking a fresh, new perspective on Louisiana’s most pressing and most existential crisis, the state’s financial condition. We hope to attract an out-of-the-box thinker who is willing to challenge conventional wisdom using data, comparative analyses, and common sense. A college degree is preferred, but provocative, well-written, and unquestionably informed analysis is even more critical. Applicants must send a resume and at least two essays on economics, preferably published (online publications qualify).

Policy Scholar (education): During the last eight years, thousands of pages have been published, almost entirely online, about the state of elementary, secondary, and higher-education in Louisiana. For this position, we require applicants with a college degree and prefer applicants with experience in the classroom. We do not require, however, that applicants are published writers, only that their writing is direct, informative, and data-driven. We are seeking someone with bold, objective, and clear-headed analysis of Louisiana’s education system. Education experts, more often than not, are rightfully passionate about the subject of reform, but applicants should understand the pitfalls of hyperbole and recognize the ultimate need to employ language that focuses on forward-thinking, innovative solutions and not backwards-looking blame.

Policy Scholar (environment): We seek a currently enrolled or recently graduated law school student with a concentration on environmental law. Applicants should be intimately familiar with the BP Oil Spill, the Clean Water Act, and the laws that uniquely and specifically govern Louisiana’s environment and oil and gas industry. Both a resume and a writing sample are required, but don’t worry: Lamar and Cayman are both law school graduates and understand that papers on environmental law don’t always make for the most compelling reading. The environmental policy scholar would not be required to contribute content but would serve as Imagine Louisiana’s in-house, go-to source on often complicated research involving environmental law.

Between Cayman and Lamar, Imagine Louisiana already possesses in-depth and on-the-ground knowledge of the political landscapes and realities of Shreveport, Alexandria, Marksville and Cajun Country, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, but there are obviously gaps.

Regional Political Gurus (Monroe, Lake Charles, Hammond, Bossier City, and the Northshore): We need people who know Monroe and Northeast Louisiana, Lake Charles, Hammond, Bossier City, and the Northshore like the backs of their hands. Campaign experience in these regions is preferable but not required. Applicants merely need to demonstrate that they basically know or know of everyone in their respective communities who has ever considered public office in the last decade.