Blogger White, Jr. Goes Pro 

The Independent, April 11, 2016 

Lamar White Jr. made a name for himself exposing political hypocrisy and speaking truth to power as a frequent-blogging law student and grad student. Now he’s doing it professionally.

White announced Monday the founding and launch of Imagine Louisiana Communications, a Baton Rouge-based consulting and political communications firm. White is parlaying a decade of political blogging on his popular website, CenLamar — the name is a reference to his upbringing in CenLa, or central Louisiana, a la Alexandria — into a business venture that will aid political candidates, municipalities, nonprofits, government agencies and others navigate policy, conduct campaign research and connect with voters.

Imagine Louisiana Communications: a new era for Louisiana progressive politics

The Daily Kingfish, April 12, 2016

Lamar White is known throughout Louisiana and even in national circles for his tenacity, intellectual acuity, and sharp wit. He’s the guy who has held our leaders’ feet to the fire and expertly exposed political shenanigans since he started the CenLamar blog back in 2006. Just as he changed the landscape through his writing, he is now shifting the paradigm of professional, progressive politics in Louisiana with the launch of a new communications firm – Imagine Louisiana Communications.

Together with a moderate Republican friend and former law school classmate, Lamar is fully entering the fray of Louisiana politics to deliver consulting services and communications savvy to what will most certainly be a diverse set of important clients. His partner Cayman Clevenger is a New Orleans resident and native of Shreveport, so together, they have broad statewide knowledge. I am really excited about the possibilities for progressive campaigns and initiatives now that Lamar is available to lend his expertise in an official way.

Tuesday Tracker by Jeremy Alford

LA Politics, April 12, 2016

Lamar White, Jr., the man behind the CenLamar blog, announced last week the launch of Imagine Louisiana Communications, his new political consulting and communications firm with Cayman Clevenger. They’ll be assisting candidates, government agencies and lobbyists with research, communications and PR. White has made a name for himself building sources and undertaking exhaustive investigative research for his journalism. He broke the stories on U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise’s attendance at a white supremacist rally and on the private investigator arrested while working for Sen. David Vitter. Now he’s putting those skills to work for hire. MORE:

Blogger Goes Consultant

Bayou Buzz, April 11, 2016