Spotlight Policy Issue: Saving Higher Education

One of our very first projects at Imagine Louisiana will be to recruit three students currently enrolled in a Louisiana public college or university and assist them in creating, drafting, and editing a research paper presenting their own original and pragmatic ideas on the ways in which lawmakers can protect and improve our imperiled system of public higher education.

We anticipate the need to develop more research reports on the subject in the future for our clients, but this student-led initiative is a volunteer effort.

Imagine Louisiana recognizes that some of the most important, innovative, and transformative ideas about the best ways in which we can build a sustainable and prosperous future are generated by Louisiana’s college students in all corners of the state.

We want to give Louisiana’s college students a seat at the policy table. We want to hear their concerns, and more importantly, we want to hear their solutions.

That is why we are recruiting three Imagine Louisiana College Policy Scholars. To find out more on how to apply, click here or visit the page on the right sidebar titled “Attention Undergraduates!”


The three Imagine Louisiana College Policy Scholars will be the sole writers of this paper, and your final work will be distributed to every state legislator, Congressman, Senator, university president, and Gov. John Bel Edwards for their consideration.

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